Self-Portrait, 2015



QiuChen Fan was born in Kunming, China in 1987. With the offering of CIA Dean's Scholarship, QiuChen started her art journey in US in 2011. She received her BFA in Drawing from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2015 with “Excellence in Drawing” award scholarship. After few years graduated from school, QiuChen can finally settle down and have a little home-based studio to better focus on her art producing. 

QiuChen mainly works through 2D medium incorporating ink, pencil, charcoal, acrylic, tempera and collage. With a primary interest of people and the boundaries that exists within relationships, her work explores the co-existence of contradictions, contemporary life styles and consumer culture. Being influenced by both Chinese and American communication modes and aesthetic systems, she considers the role of an artist as an observer and art as a way to meditate. QiuChen is currently living in Virginia.